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Family law disputes can be unpredictable and, in some cases, highly contentious. This should come as no surprise, of course, given the high-stakes nature of such litigation and the complicated emotional and relational dynamics that serve as the very foundation of the dispute itself. Family law is a practice area that is fundamentally and intimately linked to the personalities of the individuals involved. Depending on the willingness of the couple to proceed amicably, the dispute may be resolved in an efficient, collaborative manner, or it may evolve into a hostile back-and-forth.

Here at Winthrop Law Offices, we strive to provide results-oriented representation that is personalized to the specific needs of each client. Under some circumstances, a steady and gentle approach is best for achieving a favorable resolution to a dispute. In others, a more aggressive stance may be necessary. Though we may initially seek the least acrimonious solution to the matter at hand (i.e., going through mediation and negotiating a settlement compromise), we are willing and able to aggressively advocate on your behalf should negotiations break down.

Why Choose Winthrop Law?

Individualized, Client-Focused Legal Representation

As a small firm, our greatest competitive advantage is providing our clients with attentive, individualized service. Our attorneys are available to evaluate claims and directly respond to questions and concerns as the case develops.

We are committed to client-focused legal representation. To that end, we offer free phone consultations and 12-hour turnaround times all communications relating to your case. It is our sincere belief that by working closely with clients, maintaining an open and honest attorney-client relationship — we are empowered to advocate more effectively on your behalf.

Extensive, Applied Experience

Here at Winthrop Law Offices, our two attorneys each have 19 years of experience handling family law claims.

Our clients are guaranteed a baseline level of experience when it comes to their legal representation. At every stage of the dispute, your claims will be handled by a seasoned, highly-regarded family law attorney. Big law firms, by contrast, are more likely to assign a junior attorney to your case.

Aggressive Advocacy

Given the contentious nature of many family law disputes, we approach litigation with good faith intent to resolve the dispute in the least acrimonious way possible — by collaborating and negotiating a settlement through mediation.

In the event that negotiations fail, however, we are willing and able to advocate aggressively on your behalf. Our willingness to take a more aggressive stance (when circumstances call for it) gives us a substantial competitive advantage during negotiations, as opposing counsel cannot assume that we will be weighed down by strategic inertia.

Media Recognition and Accolades

Florida Bar Association
Global Who's Who Top Lawyer 2016
10 Best FLA
Martindale-Hubbell 20 Year Anniversary

Here at Winthrop Law Offices, our attorneys have been recognized by national and global publications for their contributions to modern family law practice. Our accolades include being ranked as a 2016 and 2018 Top Lawyer by the Global Directory of Who’s Who, and as a Top 10 Best Attorney (2016-2018) in Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, an impartial third-party attorney rating organization. When you work with one of our attorneys, you can rest assured that you will receive industry-leading representation.

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Winthrop Law Offices is a boutique family law and homeowner’s insurance litigation firm with seven offices located throughout the state of Florida in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Plantation, Jacksonville, and Orlando. Our attorneys boast nearly four decades of combined experience representing Florida claimants in a range of family law disputes from alimony conflicts to divorce proceedings, and more.